A Time To Heal is a holistic cancer rehabilitation program for survivors and their caregivers. We define survivors as being anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Our programs help participants learn about regaining physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological health; practice a variety of anxiety management and coping techniques and receive encouragement, validation, and support from other participants as well as the professional staff.


Save the Date — April 23, 2016 for The Second Annual The ART OF LIVING WITH CANCER CONFERENCE

A Unique Program

Before A Time To Heal, no such option existed for cancer patients who have undergone treatment for cancer. A Time To Heal provides information, education and training on the issues facing cancer survivors and their caregivers which will help them regain strength and overall wellness which will help create their Best Lives! Testimonials

Welcome Survivors

If you are a cancer survivor or a caregiver, we welcome you and congratulate you on making it through your diagnosis and treatment to the point where you can join A Time To Heal.
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